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What others say

"John has a warm and gentle manner and can expertly navigate to core issues right from the get-go. I benefitted enormously from his experience, wisdom and insight. It ultimately resulted in my own personal transformative growth, for which I am so thankful. John is a master of the human condition and I could not recommend him highly enough." (Private Client)


"Thank you for your support this year (2016) and indeed I could not be here without you and really appreciate everything you have done. You're like a superhero, just without a cape." (Lawyer)


"John Harradine is a kind, insightful, intelligent man who knows how to get to the core of an issue straight away......  I would highly recommend John to anyone; male/female, young/old.  He knows how to relate to anyone in any circumstance...... If you need some direction or you are at a crossroads, you can be assured he will guide you up the right path. If you feel like you are falling into a pit, John will be there, not to rescue but to guide you to where you become so clear it seems like he has known you all his life.   ....  With all the professionals I have come across in my line of work and the field of psychotherapy, John is No. 1." (Health worker)


"......John's insights and techniques are spot on, and we have seen ourselves grow, as individuals, and as partners, under his mentorship. We can't recommend him highly enough, and would never go to anyone else for our relationship or mental health needs." (Private couple)


".... John didn’t take sides or told us things we wanted to hear; in fact, he genuinely brought unforeseen matters to the surface and worked with us toward a tangible and lasting solution. His approach is very welcoming and easy to absorb, and his tips and examples are extremely helpful. (Private couple)


"John is an incredibly insightful and powerful coach. He can get 'right to the core' of an issue and has an exceptional ability to understand both situations and real motives. These combine to make him truly able to change lives." (CEO, international consumer goods company)


"John's skill in helping me see how I was holding myself back has enabled me to make a step change for myself, my family and in time for the entire industry in which I work" (Leader in renewable energies)


"I have benefited from John's wisdom, insightfulness, warmth and caring to undertake some truly amazing personal growth and transformation... I am a more conscious person which has made me more at ease with what is and has positively impacted my life..." (Senior executive, national resources organisation)


"John does not shy away from challenging you, however always approaches his work in a manner that is respectful, and targets a positive outcome......... only through reflection upon my own motivations and personal belief structures can I fully grow to be their best ...... - not a trivial challenge in this era of quick fixes!" (CEO, joint venture, resources sector


To find out more click on Emotional Health is the New Sexy; a recent article published by one of John's clients.


In 2013 I was interviewed on Australia Counselling and featured on their website ​

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