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Leadership coaching


Conventional coaching may provide some short term tactics to build better leadership and navigate the corporate world. However once the coaching stops so too do the changes. The deeper work offered by John enables self-supporting sustainable change that may require a top up from time to time. Learn to cooperate with a system in ways that do not comporomise who you are.


Workshop facilitation

An external perspective with any group setting enables dynamics to be optimised for greater outcomes and commitment to them. Agreements made in sessions with John are more than tacit yes's that are often pushed back on after the event. Blockers are sorted through and enablers are leveraged creating genuine commitment and anything from relief to enthusiasm and excitement.


Executive coach supervision

Mentoring executive coaches is an emerging discipline that build's the executive coach's skills beyond their current paradigms. This kind of supervision is a mandatory requirement for the psychotherapeutic field. During these sessions unseen stumbling blocks are surfaced and turned into stepping stones that strengthen executive coach sessions with clients. The executive coach's deeper understanding of their own pre-conceptions minimise projection and transference issues. Raising one's own consciousness is a critical skill for executive coaches who are in turn engaged in doing the same for their clients.


Employee Assistance

Call for a free 10 minute consultation. M: 0419953389

The Approach


With over 30 years experience in the corporate arena and over 20 years transforming organisations in some of Australia's largest companies, government departments and multinationals, John brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw upon in a multitude of business settings.


His clients have included IBM, Optus, Hewlett Packard, Goodman Fielder, Origin Energy, Telstra, Verizon, JP Morgan, Australian Sports Commission (Strategy for the 2000 Olympics), NSW National Parks and Wildlife, Q'ld Dept of Training & Industrial Relations, BOC Gases, Integral Energy, Tasmanian Police and many more.


With research showing that over 85% of organisation change efforts fail and with many successful change efforts under John's belt, he has learnt that deep and sustainable organisation change begins at the individual level, extends to within groups, between groups, then to the whole organisation and beyond that to clients/customers and community at large. The essence of John's approach is from the inside out. "If you can't go within you go without" (Neale Walsh).


​As one leader of a top 100 ASX listed company has said: "I have been involved in many restructures and this was the fastest, smoothest, biggest and best yet, owing very largely to John's process and facilitation skills.....he is the good oil for the smooth running of your business at the most important level - human interaction."

It is increasingly difficult for individuals to separate their personal and work pressures. Some psychotherapy experts are referring to today's stresses as beyond epidemic labelling them as pandemic. The tensions between work and personal lives have never been more chronic often resulting in felt helplessness that cannot be declared to themselves or within the organisation without a perceived and even a real price. A confidential independent third party who is both qualified and experienced in the two worlds of business and counselling is both an economic and human choice that can support optimising individual performance and employee welfare which are central outcomes of John's employee assistance interventions. 

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