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Individual counselling and psychotherapy can assist in arresting anything that is holding you back. We don't go up alone. Learning new ways of how to be in the world is fundamental to better life choices. The first step is to truly let go of old habits, thought patterns, beliefs that have become limiting in some way. This is not a personality transplant but rather a reframing of how you view the world, whilst holding your deep values in tact.

The Approach


John Harradine draws on his broad eclectic formal training and extensive life experience to bring new perspectives to daily life and its presenting challenges and opportunities.


He focuses on changes you choose to make, acting as a tour guide as he points out the scenery of the journey you are deciding to travel. 


John assists you to build enduring new ways of being in the world, living with greater freedom and joy.



Coaching becomes a natural extension of counselling. Whilst counselling and therapy aim to arrest and improve a challenging situation or circumstance, or address long held limitations, lifting personal awareness and insight for the future is the focus of coaching. The increased self-awareness that comes from counselling and therapy clears the decks if you like to lay a foundation for a new way into a sustainably self-empowered future. 


Services -Individuals

Call for a free 10 minute consultation. M: 0419953389


What others say: "John's skill in helping me see how I was holding myself back has enabled me to make a step change for myself, my family and in time for the entire industry in which I work" (Leader in renewable energies)



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